DTA - Club Membership System - IDverify

  The IDverify Card System enables a members only club to ensure that the people coming into the club hold a valid membership. This is achieved by associating the card with a photograph of the card holder, and an expiry date which signals when it is out of date. 
  The IDverify Card System operates as follows. Member information such as name, address, phone, mobile number and DOB is entered into the Database Server and a face picture is taken on the digital camera. A paper printer is used for hardcopy of database reports. 
Once data entry is complete the IDverify Database creates a Member's Account. A membership card is printed using a pre-loaded card template and is issued to the Member. 
On arrival at the club the Member places their card onto the contactless card reader at the Display Terminal. The card is read and the Member's information is accessed using the unique ID embedded in the card. The Member's face image appears on the Display Terminal (plus any other required database information such as name or expired membership). 

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